2012-07-24 21:33:28 by MrJackle

Hey! This page is now dead, go to my new account at and add it to your favorites!

Epexsus is due in just a couple days!

Epexsus is almost done

2012-02-28 16:19:15 by MrJackle

Not much left to animate now! Maybe a good 15-20 percent worth, if you want more timely updates feel free to follow me on twitter @mrjackle or

Epexsus is almost done

Epexsus is still in the works!

2011-12-25 16:16:01 by MrJackle

Just an update to let ya'll know I'm still alive. Yes, I missed the deadline, just expect it early 2012.

Here, have another batch of screenshots

Woah, thats /319/6/d/super_screenshot_time_3000_by _mrjackle-d4gah5l.jpg

Epexsus is still in the works!

New series coming soon

2011-06-27 15:28:48 by MrJackle

I've been inactive for a long time so no one is probably going to read this but there is a new original flash series from me coming soon! Here is a trailer! /?#/d36d4zb

Planned release date is somewhere in August

New series coming soon


2008-04-16 19:27:41 by MrJackle

Hey just to tell everyone, I've really improved on my animation since Idiot box, so...yeah.


2007-12-29 01:13:37 by MrJackle

New flash submitted a few days ago called 'Idiot Box Christmas', Idiot Box is a series that i am currently animating, a new episode should be here in January 2008, not certain though. HAPPY NEW YEAR NEWGROUNDS!